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On my last day of college I stood and looked unhappily at a wall filled with my drawings, I turned to my professor and I asked him: “What can I use this for other than gallery work?” He gave me a confused look and responded he didn’t understand what I meant.

It took me a few years after that to figure out the answer for myself and these options below are but a few. There are surely many more possibilities out there, but here are some ideas to what you can do with your artwork. Be warned all of these options take time to become proficient enough in that you can make a living, but having a focus is the best beginning.

You can:

  1. Become a gallery artist (Fine art: Abstract, Landscape, Portrait and more)
  2. Illustrate Children’s Books (Board books/Picture books)
  3. Illustrate educational books
  4. Illustrate Young Adult Books (interior illustrations/cover illustrations)
  5. Illustrate for magazines. Pick whichever genre that fits your artwork, look up magazines within the theme, submit your work.
  6. Illustrate board games (Monster, Map and Character Design)
  7. Illustrate Computer Games (Concept Art, Character Design)
  8. Illustrate for Movies (Animation, Concept Art, Character Design)
  9. Illustrate medical books (Realistic anatomical drawing)
  10. Illustrate Botanical books (Realistic plant/flower drawing)
  11. Illustrate book covers (Pick a genre ie. Fantasy, Sci-fi and so on)
  12. Blog illustration (Help writers build a brand for their blogs)
  13. Logo illustration
  14. Open a Zazzle or Etsy store: build your own illustration brand and sell your work.
  15. Paint pets for people! (A girl I know is very successful painting large scale cat portraits.)
  16. Paint babies for people!
  17. Illustrate Colouring Books for Children
  18. Illustrate card games (ie. Magic the Gathering)
  19. Illustrate Tarot Cards
  20. Illustrate Paper Dolls
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turbulentoast Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
This is a really helpful way to start brainstorming, thank you! 
kirileonard Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome, I'm glad it was helpful!
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