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8 Tips to Boost your Blog

Today’s post is going to be bite sized. As BuzzFeed has taught the internet everyone loves lists, right? So here’s a list of tips to help you boost your blog.


1. Less is more

Keep your blog posts to 250 – 750 words. Less is often better because most people tend to skim, rather than read. Use headlines and stand out quotes to make it easy for people to quickly garner interest.


2. Add your name to your images

Add your name to the title of all images you post. If people save the images from your site it’s easier to find you again when your name is in the title. This is especially a bonus for art directors or collectors who may be saving hundreds of images.


3. Schedule

Schedule your blog. Consistency is key, if your audience knows you blog every Friday; they will stop by your blog every Friday. The more frequently you blog the quicker you will grow your audience provided your content is good.


4. Proof read!

Always be sure to proof read!


5. Reply to Comments

Reply to comments! Even brief ones. You want to build engagement around your blog so you have to engage your audience and let them know you appreciate their engagement in return. On that note also consider ending your blog posts on a thank you. Make your readers feel appreciated.


6. Learn SEO

Learn how to use SEO, remember to tag your blog post with keywords such as: illustration, art, your name ie. If you don’t know what SEO is, research it on google.


7. Presentation matters!

Make sure your image quality is top notch. No one likes to look at blurry, gritty, unfocused images. If you use photos make sure they are GOOD photos. If you do not know how, learn how – the internet is full of tutorials so you don’t have a valid excuse. If you post sketches, make sure it’s a good scan/crop ie. As with your portfolio your presentation should always look inviting and professional!


8. Build interest

Consider how you can make your blog a part of your illustration business strategy. What can you do to get people interested and subscribe? One idea could be sweepstakes – everyone loves free stuff. Consider giveaways of sketches, free prints, postcards or something alike.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful!

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