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As a young or new artist it can be intimidating to start contacting Art Directors, it is however a necessary part of the job if you want to make a living as a freelance artist. One of the more frequent concerns I have encountered from other artists and myself as well is how to contact them without being a nuisance. Naturally when asking for a job you want to come off as professional and make a good impression, rather than turning them off right away.

I asked a handful of art directors to answer 10 questions about their preferred method of communication with artists. I'll be posting one interview at a time over the next month. Starting out with Marc Scheff who is an Art Director for Tree House Brand Stores. These interviews will be packed with good information on how to show your best side, so stay tuned and enjoy!

This post is one of a (work in progress) four part series:

Contacting Art Directors: Part I Marc Scheff
Contacting Art Directors: Part II Jon Schindehette
Contacting Art Directors: Part III Lauren Panepinto
Contacting Art Directors: Part IV Mike Linnemann

1. What is your preferred method of communication if a new artist is looking to make contact and why? (ie. Postcards/email/phone/facebook/meeting in person)
I have a form that new artists can use to send me a sample for consideration. I look at 100% of the submissions that come in, and categorize submissions into a few folders on my computer. When I need new talent, I look through most of them again. The form is here:
Other than that, I prefer email with a link or links to work. It's easy, and it saves trees.

2. Social media is becoming increasingly popular amongst artists as a tool for networking, how do you feel about artists befriending you on Facebook? Is there a right and a wrong way to go about it?
Twitter and my Facebook page are the best places to connect with me. I accept friend requests if we have actually met, and I don't share anything professional on my personal page anyway. I'm on there almost all the time, so I don't miss much.


Please read the full Art Director Interview with Marc Scheff here:…
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