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Art Schools have been under frequent attack for their steep tuition costs in recent years which naturally lead many students to question whether attending art school is really worth it. There are a variety of opinions on this subject and personally I think it's up to the individual to determine whether art school is for them or not.

Photo of Kiri Østergaard Leonard and Elizabeth Daddazio
Elizabeth Daddazio and Kiri Østergaard Leonard at the Pratt Institute Campus, 2011

My experience with attending Pratt Institute for a year was without question one of the best year's of my life, but if experiences teaches us one thing it is that it differs from person to person.

Some people have the time of their lives in situations where others are miserable. Therefore I don't want to tell you to do one thing or another but I do want to tell you there are alternatives to obtaining a well rounded art education.

"I would recommend college for any aspiring children who want to grow into adults, but not necessarily for artists, if finances are an issue."
- Rebecca Yanovskaya

The benefits of online art schools and Mentorships

The internet is ripe with many intriguing alternatives for boosting your artistic abilities. There are a wide selection of Mentorships with professional artists as well as online art schools, academies and ateliers where you pick and choose your classes and programs dependent on which area you need the most help in.

Studying under professional artists can really boost your skill level, so if you feel stuck or confused about your art career it's a wonderful opportunity to move forward.

"Maybe the best advice I got was to sign up for SmART School?!" - Elisabeth Alba


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LuDux Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
It depends if they want a Bachelors of Fine Arts, or a more technical, skills based education that will allow them to create a portfolio that will help either get an art related job, or allow them to start their own career as an independent artist.

A bachelors degree, while offering many fine things, has many expensive requirements that aren't a skills or technical 'value-add' to someone just looking to become a better artist, to put it in economic terms.
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