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February is here and that means Month of Love Art challenge!

For those unfamiliar with Month of Love, it is a weekly art challenge centered around the theme of love. Every day throughout February a new piece of art based on the a weekly topic is posted on the Month of Love website.

Kristina Carroll has been busy at work rallying illustrators and artists for the upcoming month and it is a fantastic line up.

It is an open challenge however and if you are interested in joining all you have to do is share your art on twitter using the hashtag #MonthOfLove – If you are wondering what the benefit of participating is for you as an artist, I wrote a blog post on that here.

Here are the topics for this year’s challenge:

1. Heroes (Feb 1-7)
Heroes, Protagonists and Idols. Who do you love to see kick ass and/or chew bubblegum?

2. Lost in Translation (Feb 8-14)
The Language of Love has many dialects. Sometimes we’re fluent and other times… it’s all Greek.

3. Weapons (Feb 15-21)
Cupid’s arrows, Menalaus’ thousand ships, Romeo and Juliet’s dagger… Love is war: choose your Weapon.

4. Fantasy (Feb 22-28)
Lloyd Alexander said: “Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.” How does “fantasy” (in any definition) relate to love or affect the meaning of love for you?

Month of Love
Month of Love on Every Day Original
Women in Fantasy Illustration: Kristina Carroll

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